My story of becoming an art designer...

Dear art enthusiast, 

Growing up in Baku, Azerbaijan, a melting point of several cultures and languages, gave me an understanding of different perspectives and encouraged me to depict the cultural aspects within my drawings.

By moving to study in Munich, Germany I stepped out of my comfort zone and became independent, courageous, and experienced personal growth.

During 2019 I started doing digital art which was a new approach to the traditional way of drawing for me. It allowed me to experience endless colours combinations that enriched my drawing style.

"Every piece of my art carries part of a story, cultural background, or hope."

It took me many years to finally find my own style of drawing that I define as “modern cubism.” The signature style of my drawing is the shapes that come in a nonconventional relation, proportion, and colour pallet emphasized by contrasting black lines. 

"Even sentimental moments in my art carry hope since I want to spread positivity."

My art stands for originality, nostalgia, positivity, femininity, and the freedom of self-expression. Through my drawings, I want to encourage people to be mindful, take time in life, and appreciate moments by paying attention to small details and trying to see beyond the shapes while having no limit to their imagination.

Art is the most accurate expression of myself and it inspired me to create Nazrin Designs, a design company. I am a creative entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize the traditional perception of art by enabling individuals to have the full experience of art by wearing art designs on a daily basis.

Yours sincerely, 


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