For me art is a freedom of self-expression

Dear art enthusiast, 

I believe that all of us have a story to tell and it is just the matter of time, when one is ready to tell their story. So this is the time to share my story with you... 

For me, drawing was the only way to express myself and my feelings, since during my childhood years I used to have difficulty speaking. I used to show my drawings to my parents and siblings when I wanted to explain or tell them something.

Drawing was a form of retreat for me; it gave me positivity and at the same time strength to face my speaking problems. It also allowed me to feel that it is ok to be different because all of us have different stories and struggles that come along with individual experiences. After I overcame my speaking difficulties, I still continued to draw because drawing still captured feelings and emotions for me which cannot be put into words.


"I find art to be a universal language that everyone can understand and use for communication to empower each other without using the words."

Yours sincerely, 


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