Handmade Jewelry in Barcelona

Pere Alcon is a flute maker and musician based in Barcelona. After studying musical instrument repair in the UK, Germany and France, he specialized in flute repair in the US.
A few years later, he started his journey of learning the artisan techniques needed to make handcrafted flutes, under the guidance of his two mentors in London and Tokyo.
This gave him the opportunity to work with precious metals and woods, acquiring the skills needed to shape these materials. Out of a strong interest for art and learning new things he started experimenting with creating handmade jewelry, transferring the skills acquired during his training as a flute maker.
"For me, collaborating with Nazrin Designs is not only a job. It is the opportunity of refining  skills and learning new things, and at the same time receiving a very interesting artistic input from Nazrin's view of art. It's in this exchange of ideas, artistic collaboration and experimentation where learning occurs and creativity starts. This process gives each piece its character, merging essence of the original artistic idea with the artisan process of materializing it. Each experiment, each design and each piece is the result of this learning process, and it's only a small part of this lifelong learning journey."

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